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For the months of May and June I am delighted to be working as Artist in Residence in the Sinclair's Bay area of Caithness on behalf of The Sinclair's Bay Trust and Lyth Arts Centre!


I'll be working with the community to explore the metaphor of Sinclair's Bay being a “Safe Harbour.” Over generations people have moved to Sinclair's Bay and settled there - this could have been for a variety of reasons, family, the natural environment, work, even to escape war - I would like to gather and explore these stories through a series of mixed media workshops and encourage participants to share ideas and find connections.


We will be discussing themes such as –

How did you come to live in Sinclair's Bay?

If you were born here, why did you decide to stay? Have you ever left and come back?

What makes somewhere feel like "home"

What is it about Sinclair's Bay that makes you feel safe?

Did you feel particularly safe here during the pandemic?

Are there any people in your life or particular places in  that make you feel safe?

Would you offer Safe Harbour to others within your home?

Safety Net

We're kicking off the Residency with a project called "Safety Net," a collaborative community art piece which will celebrate the aspects of Sinclair's Bay that make residents feel safe, things that are their own personal safety net, be it a person, a place,  an organisation or even a furry friend! To get involved please come along to one of our workshops at Keiss or Reiss Hall -  More info and booking....

I'll also be doing pop up workshops throughout the area, so if you see me (in my little red van!) setting up anywhere please come say hello! I'll be making activity packs for people who aren't physically able to attend sessions in person  - please get in touch if this applies to you, or someone you know. All workshops are suitable for both adults and children, and are free!

Below are a few photos from the first Safety Net workshop, with Board Members of the Sinclair's Bay Trust!

I'll be updating this page regularly with activities  to get involved with - please check back soon, or contact me to sign up to our mailing list.

  • Safe Harbour Residency -Mixed Media Art Workshop with Shelagh Swanson

  • Safe Harbour Residency -Mixed Media Art Workshop with Shelagh Swanson